Research is the means. Development is a consequence. The existential premise at Maithan is an emphasis on research and development. We take much pride in our achievements in product development whilst continuing to learn from the market. The focus is solely on the Customer's unmet needs whether it is for a product with higher life or for a solution that does not break the bank. To this end we have a fully equipped R&D facility, a dedicated technology team and a belief that Change is constant.


  • Import substitute Mullite products for Glass Regenerators
  • Ultra-low creep Andalusite bricks
  • 19 hole checkers for blast furnace stove
  • Aluminium anode baking furnace bricks
  • Magnesia carbon bricks for best in class life for ladle and furnace
  • Magnesia zirconia chimney blocks
  • Direct Bonded Magchrome for non-ferrous applications
  • High performance gunning mix for EOF/EAF
  • Non-wetting Andalusite castables
  • High Abrasion resistant castable for DRI-Pellet application
  • Ultra low thermal conductivity insulations