Our Valued Customers

We have worked with thousands of customers in our journey. The number of continuing relationships we have sustained for decades is an endorsement of our pursuit for total customer satisfaction through high standards of product quality, economy and service. The prestigious projects we have successfully participated in and critical round the clock operations dependent on us are key to our leadership position. Most importantly though, we cherish the trust our valued customers place on us. This trust is our sustenance.
  • Maithan’s Magnesia Carbon products have performed at par with products from Global Leaders in our steel making operations. However they manufacture in India and therefore provide the added benefit of quick supplies and this reduces our inventory management issues to a minimum.

    Jindal Steel & Power Limited
  • Maithan has been providing critical refractories for our Blast Furnaces for the last 9 years. Their product performance has been consistently above par and their delivery commitments are spot on. In one instance, when we had an unscheduled shut down of the furnace, they provide entire BF package within 25 days.

    Aditya Jajodia, CMD Jai Balaji Group
  • Glass furnace construction is a complex endeavour. Also the pressure on the furnace refractories in terms of life with high furnace productivity have increased over time. Maithan has partnered with us for the last 25 years in our growth and supported us by continuously improving their product offerings. They have developed many import substitutes which have been used extensively in our furnaces and have performed to expectation. They have an excellent record to execute orders in line with project schedule. With their new modernisation initiative we expect globally benchmarked results from them going forward.

    Mukul Somany, MD Hindustan National Glass
  • For our coke oven plant, we have been using bricks manufactured by various manufacturers. About 4 years back, Maithan was selected to provide andalusite based refractories for the coke ovens. Since then, Maithan has emerged as our sole partner for refractories. With Maithan, we are planning on an ambitious upgrade aimed at enhancing the operational parameters to achieve industry beating results. Maithan continues to be our trusted refractory partner for this venture.

    Rajeev Maheshwari, MD Bengal Energy
  • Maithan has developed two breakthrough product lines for critical areas of DRI kilns. The andalusite based castables are for kilns with ore feed and high abrasion resistant castables for kilns with pellet feed. We have over the past few years used these castables in our DRI operations. We have found the life of their castables substantially superior to other competing products that we have been using in the past. Longer life means lesser shutdowns and the gain on Plant productivity justifies the premium for these products. Their technical and application team provides stringent support to ensure that application is as per design.

    Saket Agrawal, MD MSP Steel & Power
  • Maithan has executed the refractory supplies for very large and prestigious ferrous projects for us. For a recent project, they provided the entire stove solids, 19 hole checkers and insulation bricks in the critical qualities. Their newly modernised Plant and products have been validated by our Global teams to be at par with global benchmarks. We consider them to be a trusted partner for our projects worldwide.

    Paul Wurth India
  • We were very impressed with Maithan's newly modernised refractory plant. They have upgraded their capability to produce world class refractories for the Glass industry and their plant compares with the best in India. We have procured among other products dense Fused Mullite bricks and chimney blocks in various qualities. We are very satisfied with their product quality and service and expect to continue our engagement in the future.

    PVSR Murthy, AVP AGI Glaspac
  • We have procured refractories from Maithan for both International projects as well as for Indian clients. Maithan has kept pace with evolving furnace design and continuously developed their products to Global standards. We have positive feedback from our Clients regarding their product and delivery performance and no reviews to the contrary.

    SORG Gmbh