Production Infrastructure Capacity 80000 TPY

Our production infrastructure is geared to cater to customers who are expanding, modernising and pushing their plants in the 21st century. Our flexible infrastructure is geared to produce a wide spectrum of refractories with the requisite quality and cost control. At the raw material preparation stage, we produce our own calcines and binders, mill and size them to spec. Three separate automatic batching-mixing systems cater to the different product lines. For shaped products, we have multiple forming routes including pressing, vibro-pressing and vibro-casting. 90% of the pressing infrastructure is PLC controlled. Four tunnel kilns are available for firing up to 1800°c. This is supported with a fully equipped mould shop, product machining and pre-assembly facilities.

  • Raw Material Preparation

    Rotary kiln : 30 KTPY/1600°c Calcium Aluminate : 6 KTPY/1700°c
    Crushing : 300 TPD Milling : Ball Mills with classifier
  • Batching & Mixing

    PLC Automatic batching system 10 Counter current mixers 750 l
    3 Inclined Intensive mixers 1000 l 2 Planetary mixers 750 l
  • Forming

    14 Electric Screw press upto 6300 KN 6 Friction screw press upto 4000 KN 2 Hydraulic Press upto 2000 KN
    Hydraulic Vibration press Pre-cast Shop
  • Firing & Supporting Infrastructure

    Tunnel Kiln 15 KTPY/1800°c Tunnel kilns 27 KTPY/1650°c Tempering Kilns 18 KTPY/400°c
    Complete Mould Shop Refractory Machining and Assembly Shop